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                                      Michael Lee's Mathematics and Physics

Inductive Logic


Inductive logic is under development 




Logical Fallacies


  • slippery slope (a long chain of arguments with many weak links)
  • ad hominem (attacking the opponent with insults) 
  • prejudicial language  (making it sound like if you believe such and such, you are a moron)
  • appeal to the gallery 
  • appeal to sympathy
  • hasty generalization
  • cherry picking  (keeping the good ones and throwing out the bad)
  • circular reasoning or begging the question:  Taking for granted as true the very thing to be determined. 

        Post hoc ergo proper hoc (after that therefore because of that)  For example, as a young child, I loved watching the Roadrunner Show on television.  My Dad told me that when the clock strikes five, the show shall start.  I once watched him adjust the clock so one day I advanced the clock to five o'clock and yet the show didn't start.  In other words, I thought the clock causes the show to start.

  • Straw man (presenting an opposing argument as being weaker than it really is)
  • Argumentum ad populum (something is true because most people believe it to be true)