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                                      Michael Lee's Mathematics and Physics

                                                              This is me, Michael Guy Lee on my 51st birthday.

John Drakes' 75th birthday party.  I'm a descendant of a few people here, including John Drakes, my third great grandfather.  Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.  1899


 My Grandparents

This is my paternal grandfather Francis Guy Lee (1908 - 1988) whom I deeply miss.  He was born in the United Kingdom and immigrated to Canada.


My paternal grandmother is Isabella Tulloch Lee (nee Gunn) (1907 - 2005), and I miss her deeply too.  She is a descendant of one of the oldest clans in Scotland  Clan Gunn.  She was a real stickler when it came to manners around the dinner table.   We had to lift our food with our forks in our left hands, tines down, no transferring back and forth to the right hand.  When I complained to her eating peas is difficult that way, all she said was, "mix them with your potatoes."   She was the  most quick witted woman I've ever known; I never won an argument with her.





My maternal grandfather is James Renwick Jamison (1915 - 2011).  He was always kind and loving to me and was both a fireman and a bush pilot in Alberta.  Also, he was very mechanically gifted and could fix anything around the house.




 My Great Grandparents




Here is my much loved and missed maternal grandmother, Hazel Iona Jamison (nee Case) (1914 - 2011).  She was a  registered pioneer of Alberta and a star athlete in golf, ice curling and ladies hockey. 

This is my paternal great grandfather Francis William Lee (1882 - 1948).



















My paternal great grandfather Robert Gunn (1875 - 1964).  He was a police officer in Scotland before he immigrated to Canada whereupon he became a farmer primarily.  He passed away in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in 1964.












My maternal great grandfather James Renwick Jamison (1884 - 1918).











My maternal great grandfather Colin Case (1880 - 1964).

Born in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, he was very poor when he came to Alberta.  Eventually he became a wealthy farmer, hardware merchant and pioneer of Alberta.  He owned vast amounts of valuable land in Edmonton.  Today that land consists of the neighbourhoods of Rio Terrace, Patricia Heights, Westridge and Callingwood.  He also owned and passed down to his descendants three quarter sections in Edson, Alberta, Canada.


This is my paternal great grandmother, Anne Lee (nee Weetman) (1874 - 1922). She was a wonderful mother to my grandfather Francis Guy Lee.  Sadly, she passed away at the age of 47 when my grandfather was only fourteen years old.






My paternal great grandmother Isabella Gunn (nee Tulloch) (1873 - ).



My maternal great grandmother Mary Agnes Jamison (nee Massey), (1889 - 1969). 







My maternal great grandmother Lucy Case (nee McConnell), (1877 - 1954)  My grandfather told me she was very assertive, always telling people what's on her mind whether they like it or not.   She was incredibly kind to children.  Many children were going to school hungry and eating only bread with lard spread over it.  She went into school everyday with my grandmother and provided soup for them to eat.  She worked at the Hudson's Bay Company in their accounting department. 






My Second Great Grandparents 

My paternal second great grandfather, Albert Henry Lee (1849 - 1924).








 My maternal second great grandfather James McConnell (1840 - 1920).






 My paternal second great grandfather Tom Weetman (1843 - 1883).


My paternal second great grandmother, Catherine Sarah Lee (nee Drakes) (1856 - 1927).  She is the daughter of John Drakes and Winifred Drakes (nee Cade), a lovely woman and kind hearted.


 My maternal second great grandmother

Mary McConnell (nee McFaul) (1847 - 1918).




My paternal second great grandmother Mary Ann Weetman (nee Coley),  (1838 - )




My paternal second great grandparents George Gunn of Halkirk, Caithness, Scotland, (1854 - 1939) and

Janet Gunn (nee Stephen) of Wick, Caithness, Scotland, (1850 - 1921).




Kindness is the Key to Longevity.  My maternal second great grandmother is Sarah Catherine Case (nee Duncan), (1859 - 1965).  She lived to be 106 years old and died only one year before I was born in 1966.


The script reads, 

Edmonton Journal - 1960 -  She felt being kind to people had something to do with it (longevity), “if one is kind one has few regrets, worries or fears.”  A worn Book of Psalms written in large, bold print is her constant companion.  She knows it by heart.









Third great grandparent


 My paternal third great grandfather John Drakes (1824 - 1900).




Uncles, Aunts and Cousins 

My paternal great aunt Winifred Lee (1913 - 1994)

My paternal great aunt Marianne Lee (1913 - 2000)



My paternal forth great aunt Catherine Sarah Drakes (nee Cade) (1841 - 1919).  Her sister, Winifred Drakes (nee Cade) (1829 to 1861), is my third great grandmother.  My second great grandmother Catherine Sarah Lee (nee Drakes) is named after her.




Beatrice Drakes Mackay (nee Lee) (1887 - 1928), my second great aunt and sister of my great grandfather, Francis William Lee.  She is the daughter of Albert Henry Lee and Catherine Sarah Lee (nee Drakes).  Special thanks to the Rideout family for the photograph.




My first cousin 2x removed Vera Audrey Doreen Rideout (nee Mackay) (1916 - 1998).  She is the daughter of Beatrice Drakes Mackay (shown above) and Eric Sutherland Mackay (1881 - 1959).  Special thanks to the Rideout family for the photograph.




My third great aunt Priscilla Atkinson (nee Lee) (1846 - 1931).  

She is my second great grandfather's (Albert Henry Lee) sister.  Special thanks to the Turner family for the photograph.



My 1st cousin 4x removed  John Thomas Drakes (1852 - 1908).  Special thanks to the Drakes family for the photograph. 



My 2nd great uncle Marcus M. Gunn (1891 to 1942), Chief Engineer (Australian Merchant Navy, s.s. Iron Chieftain (Melbourne)).  He died when his ship was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine during WWII off the coast of Australia.




 My paternal 2nd cousin 2x removed, Norman B. Keith (1912 - 2016).

 A descendant of the Clan Keith  .





                                                                 My Great Aunt,  Janet Stephen Gunn (1905 - )                    






       My second great uncle, David Gunn (1889 - )





           My second great uncle, Peter Gunn (1890 - 1978)




                                                                 My second great aunt, Elizabeth Gunn (1887 -  )





My second cousins, two generations removed,  Jeremy Thomas Bailey (1941 to 1965) on the left and his brother Brian Dorsett Bailey (1939 -2018) on the right.





My first cousin, Ronald Glenn Coyle (1964-2006).  An accountant by trade, he had a passionate love of life and became quite an avid golfer.  Sadly, later on in life, he became paralyzed by the crippling effects of acute multiple sclerosis; he was incredibly courageous despite being confined to a wheelchair and unable to move his arms.  He passed away on July 13, 2006 at the age of 42.  We all miss you Ron.



 Tealby Church, Lincolnshire, UK  Special Thanks to my cousin Chris Drakes for the photograph.