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Limits to Growth


It has been just over fifty years since the Club of Rome was founded.  They were concerned about where humanity is going with the sky-rocketing growth of the human population (it rose from 1 billion in the 18th century to 7.6 billion today), as well as increasing per capita consumption of energy, water, space & minerals.  The club designed and ran the first global computer model ever of the 'state of the world' when we realized the Earth is not as large as we make it out to be and is very delicate; it is a living being itself.


They published their findings in 1972 under the title "The Limits to Growth."  Here is what will likely happen if growth trends of the human ecological footprint continue.  





A presentation about the fundamental message of "Limits to Growth."


How could the future could go horribly wrong?   In the film "Logan's Run", they "solve" the problem of global overpopulation by subjecting everyone to the process of "renewal" once they are considered no longer useful to society.



 What is "Peak Oil?"



How about a game of chess?




So how are we coming along today?



Is there any hope?


 There is still some time left; it's not too late.